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Troubleshooting Control Logix System Online Training

Troubleshooting Control Logix System Online Training

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Specially designed for Maintenance Personnel responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting a ControlLogix system in your plant.

Whether you're trying to...

  • minimize risk • increase safety • promote human capital • train new employees • improve collaborative troubleshooting  • or simply optimize your workflow

 ... this program is the solution to your ControlLogix maintenance needs! 

Complete Training

With content designed for maintenance personnel to better understand and troubleshoot a ControlLogix systems, this full and complete comprehensive training series includes..

  • Over 17,000 graphics, high-definition Studio 5000 software visuals and multi-media.
  • downloadable handbook for each module—over 1000 combined pages. 
  • Over 1,000 total Review and Final Exam Questions with ARM(TM) (Automatic Reinforcement Mode).

 Practical and Real Life 

All examples, questions and how-to-do presentations relate to real life troubleshooting situations. What to do and what not to do, and how to prevent problems while maintaining safety first.

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