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Work Management Crash Course

Work Management Crash Course

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Fast Reliability Training for Busy Professionals. 

In this crash course, you are going to learn what it takes to run a successful Work Management Planning and Scheduling Process in your industrial organization.

Work Management Planning and Scheduling can be misunderstood in a lot of organizations. Poor work management causes: Longer downtimes Poor use of resources And it costs YOU more money In three short 45 minutes courses, you will learn Work Management Planning and Scheduling Systems need to be effective:

Session 1: Who's missing in your Work Management system. You'll learn how internal partnerships will unify your team and how a fundamental understanding of work management energizes everyone. And why effective work management goes beyond the maintenance team.

Session 2: Implementing Work Management is more than just checking off items on a list. You need effective (and practical) tools and techniques for it to be a long-term success. You'll learn exactly what role that plant leadership needs to play, and their responsibilities Tools for following up on the progress of implementation.

Session 3: You’ve started implementing improved Work Management processes and that’s fantastic! But do you have an effective management system to make the process great? What KPIs, goals, and follow-up techniques do you need to implement? You'll learn about the leading & lagging KPIs you should be tracking The goals that your team needs to meet What other management processes you need to establish a solid wok management process

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What are you managing? In this series of videos, you'll be guided through three key work processes that drive reliability. You'll learn the role that maintenance leaders need take a they implement best practices in reliability and maintenance management.

Led by Reliability and Maintenance Management expert, Tor Idhammar, this series of videos includes:

  • 3 Work Management Planning and Scheduling videos
  • 3 Preventive Maintenance Management videos
  • 3 Root Cause Failure Analysis videos