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Root Cause Failure Analysis Crash Course

Root Cause Failure Analysis Crash Course

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Online Reliability Training for Busy Professionals

In this fast learning course, you'll learn the keys to improving your Root Cause Failure Analysis - or rather
Root Cause Problem Elimination process.

Lesson 1: Fishbone, 5-why, tree-diagram, how-can, timelines, software - what tools should I use for my Root Cause investigations? There are many great tools that you can use for root cause investigations, what tool should you use when? How important is the tool? Many people get caught up in the tool instead of focusing on the critical thinking and creative thinking needed to really solve problems.

Lesson 2: Setting up the problem correctly is fundamental for successful RCFA investigations. Are you solving the right problem? Are you solving one problem or trying to solve several problems at once? Does your problem statement have guesses and irrelevant information?

Lesson 3: The heart of any investigation is the ability to find the true root causes. Learn how to develop possible causes, then use cause-and-effect relationships, evidence, and a good portion of critical and creative thinking to reach your goal.

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What are you managing? In this series of videos, you'll be guided through three key work processes that drive reliability. You'll learn the role that maintenance leaders need take a they implement best practices in reliability and maintenance management.

Led by Reliability and Maintenance Management expert, Tor Idhammar, this series of videos includes:

  • 3 Work Management Planning and Scheduling videos
  • 3 Preventive Maintenance Management videos
  • 3 Root Cause Investigations Videos

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