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Maintenance Supervisors Training in Work Management
Maintenance Supervisors Training in Work Management

Maintenance Supervisors Training in Work Management

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Become more effective and less reactive. 

Unify your team with training in best practices of reliability and maintenance. 

We get it, you're busy reacting to the latest breakdown and managing your crew. You know there must be a better way to get your workload under control and make your team more cohesive, but you aren't sure where to start. 

A Maintenance Supervisor plays a unique role in the Work Management Planning and Scheduling process.  

This online training course gives maintenance supervisors the information they need to prioritize maintenance work, build a better relationship with operations, build schedules that really work, manage crews effectively, and how to implement better practices.

Through videos, valuable downloads and practical assignments your Maintenance Supervisors (or potential supervisors) will learn:

  • Work Identification & Prioritization - what is a quality work request, who should request work, how (with operations) to screen work requests and give feedback to requestors, how to build and enforce work priorities, managing small jobs and emergency work
  • Managing the Backlog - key meetings maintenance supervisors should manage and how, an easy way to calculate the backlog and why, 
  • Planning Basics -what planners need from supervisors, what tasks a planner should do, and why your crew's feedback is critical to improving the planners' plans. 
  • Detailed Scheduling - the Maintenance Supervisor is the ideal person to schedule planned jobs, you'll learn all the concepts of how to create weekly and daily schedules that maximizes your resources time and talents.
  • Work Execution - managing how to assign work, coordinating with operations, trades roles and responsibilities, and precision maintenance are all key aspects to a Maintenance supervisors job performance. 
  • Recording Work - Do you know what's important to continuous improvement? It's the history of work executed. In this unit you'll learn what Maintenance supervisors need to do to manage effectively
  • KPIs and Implementing - Do you know what KPIs you should really be tracking to ensure that the planning, scheduling and execution of maintenance work leads to continuous improvement? Do you know the threats to success? 

BONUS: Ever take an online class and not get feedback or interaction with an Expert or other course takers? IDCON's online class is different, you'll get feedback on every assignment you submit and one-on-one time to ask questions and you'll be able to start discussions with other course members. 

This is a synchronous format, all participants start and end the course at the same time.  This allows the Subject Matter Experts to have specific office hours for students.