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Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management Book

Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management Book

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The definitive guide to improving your Plant's Reliability and Maintenance

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Christer Idhammar’s and IDCON’s maintenance management book is an inspiring source of knowledge in reliability and maintenance management leadership, execution and practical tips. This maintenance management book comprised of one to two page, independent reliability and maintenance articles on a wide variety of subjects affords the reader ingenious insights and solutions to everyday maintenance management problems. 

Topics covered include productivity, competitiveness, failure analysis, teamwork, organizational structures, key performance indicators, benchmarking, Reliability Centered Maintenance, implementation of world class reliability and maintenance practices, the new role of the supervisor, cost cutting, flexibility, multi-craft, preventive maintenance inspection intervals, do the right thing, why Preventive maintenance programs fail, and many more topics.

The author  is a world-renowned authority on reliability and maintenance management. His principles of Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance have been implemented across hundreds of industries in 50 different countries. Christer has a bi-monthly reliability and maintenance article in a leading process industry magazine; he has written several books on the subject reliability and maintenance management and presented  at process and manufacturing industry conferences the world over.

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